Real Results


Time is best spent at home with family and friends, not sitting in traffic. Since Meagan’s first day in the General Assembly, she has been fighting to reform our transit system, and she’s been getting real results.

In the last legislative session, Meagan led the fight to pass House Bill 930, which will unite transit operating systems across the Atlanta metro region. As the largest expansion of Georgia’s transit system since the creation of MARTA, House Bill 930 will expand MARTA’s reach in the Atlanta Metro area and create a new commission to coordinate projects across county lines, creating a wide-reaching and seamless regional transit system.

This new effort will help alleviate traffic, and prepare for future growth.

In addition to the creation of the ATL commission by HB 930, Meagan sponsored House Bill 506, which gives MARTA the flexibility to choose vendors and concession partners based on customers’ preferences. This will make MARTA more rider-friendly for those on their commute or others who wish to travel into the city for leisure.


In the legislature, Meagan has pushed for increased funding for our schools, expanding school choice options for parents and students, and empowering teachers.

This past legislative session, Meagan helped pass unprecedented funding for our K-12 education system by fully funding the Quality Basic Education formula and expanding flexibility for charter schools. Meagan is focused on improving education for all of Georgia’s children now and into the future.

Responsible Government

DeKalb County continues to be plagued by an ineffective CEO governance structure, and Meagan’s working to fix it.

Meagan was successful in securing a study committee to explore better and more efficient forms of county government than the CEO system. The study committee will engage with citizens, as well as experts, to discuss the problems under the CEO model and how to prevent their spread.

Lower Taxes

For the first time since 1937, Georgia cut the individual income tax rate. With Meagan’s support, this bill will save Georgia families $5.5 billion over the next five years!

Through referendum, we were able to maintain a freeze in lower property taxes in DeKalb county, and at the same time create revenue to fix our failing infrastructure like fire stations, roads and bridges.

Meagan understands that money belongs in your wallet or pocketbook, not the government’s coffers. That’s why she fights to make sure your tax money is spent as conservatively as possible.