Meagan’s Priorities

Lower Taxes, Better Government

Property taxes. Sales taxes. City taxes. Local taxes. Utility taxes…the list goes on. We pay more than enough to our local, state, and federal governments. Now it’s time that we demand accountability and government efficiency of those who collect our hard-earned money.

Meagan supports a Senior Homestead Exemption that actually serves to reduce the tax burden of residents in our District, not Decatur or Atlanta. Furthermore, Meagan will fight to eliminate the Dekalb CEO position to return accountable government back to the people of House District 80.

Tackle Traffic

Every minute you sit in the car on a crowded road is one that you spend away from being with the ones you love. The average Atlanta commuter spends 59 hours in a car commuting every year —- and, it’s only getting worse.

To give our community a voice, Meagan’s first request will be to sit on MARTA Oversight Committee, which is a joint House and Senate committee that addresses MARTA issues. HD80 has four MARTA stations, so it only makes sense that our Representative should sit on this committee. However, leadership has been lacking from HD80 when it comes to transportation solutions and a voice about the future of MARTA.

Meagan Hanson is committed to finding innovative traffic solutions to get us off the road and spending time with our families.

Expand School Choice

Parents make decisions for their children’s well-being every day. Yet, when it comes to a child’s education, the government affords them very little say.

As your State Representative, Meagan will work to empower parents by expanding school choice and demanding accountability from administrators for failing schools. She is also passionate about supporting teachers and exploring creative solutions to our education problems.

Whether it is through charter schools or alternative solutions, Meagan strongly believes we must give our children the best opportunities to succeed in life, and that starts with a great education.